Laser Dermatology Treatment in Nawanshahr

Dr. Rishu Gilhotra

Laser Dermatology in Nawanshahr

Laser skin treatments are the most highly effective non-surgical option to reduce lines and wrinkles, improve overall skin texture and laxity, treat hyperpigmentation and brown spots, and reduce redness. Laser Dermatology is one of the best skincare treatment

However, not all lasers deliver the same results. A variety of laser technologies have been designed to treat specific conditions and different types of skin. Some lasers are more effective for those with more melanin, while other lasers are ideal for fair skin.

Your skin is the organ that comes into contact with the rest of the world. It holds body fluids in, preventing dehydration (dee-hahy-DREY-shun), and keeps harmful microbes (MYE-krobs) out—without it, we would get infections. Your skin is full of nerve endings that help you feel things like heat, cold, and pain.

It’s also important to protect your skin from too much sun and sun damage, which may increase wrinkles as well as lead to skin cancer. Cover your skin or use sunscreen to protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun. See your doctor or dermatologist if any skin irritations or problems arise.

Our skin is a big deal – literally. It’s the largest organ in the body and one of the most complicated. It has many roles in the maintenance of life and health, but also has many potential problems, with more than 3,000 possible skin disorders.

If you depend on a dermatology clinic with limited or outdated laser technology, you will not get the full results you want and deserve. Having options and the very best laser technology available is critical for treating you—and your skin—right. Individualized, customized care is at the heart of the Dr. Rishu Gilhotra Clinic mission.